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School and College Themed cookies are always a hit. Whether is is celebrating a graduation,

a care package or a tailgate party, we can customize cookies to your school.

Alabama Cookies

University of Alabama

Duke University Cookies

Duke University

UGA Cookies

University of Georgia

Ole Miss Cookies

University of Mississippi

Gamecock Cookies

University of South Carolina

UVA Cookies

University of Virginia

Clemson Cookies

Clemson University

eZy Watermark_10-06-2021_03-26-37PM.jpeg

East Carolina University

eZy Watermark_27-02-2023_08-05-49AM_edit

Indiana University

UNC Cookies

University of North Carolina

USC Cookies

University of Southern California


Wake Forest University


University of Delaware

Florida Cookies

University of Florida

Michigan Cookies

University of Michigan

eZy Watermark_28-05-2022_09-12-49AM.jpeg

Penn State University


Texas Christian University

UCLA Cookies

Other Colleges

& Universities

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