Price list

Sugar cookies are priced based on size and detail. Each order is quoted based on the complexity & design of the order but most cookies fall into the detailed category. Minimum order quantity is a 24 (mixed Double Dozen or individual design cookies). A guideline to starting prices are listed below:

                         Basic               Detailed              Elaborate

Petite               $1.50               $2.50                  N/A

Small               $2.00               $3.50                  N/A

Medium           $3.50               $4.00                  $5.00

Large               $4.00               $5.75                  $6.50

Extra Large     $5.50              $7.00                  $8.00

Not all cookies can be made petite or small as cutter sizes are limited. Logo or Character cookies start at the base Medium/Elaborate pricing.

Mixed Double Dozen Package: 3 to 4 coordinating designs of various shapes and sizes, $96 ($48 per dozen)

Please note, there is a $5/dozen additional charge on chocolate, chocolate chip and cookies and cream cookies due to additional ingredients.


During holidays and special events, limited offerings of mixed single dozens may be available.

Example of a mixed dozen

Example of small basic

(red & blue stars) & petite basic (sprinkle stars) cookies

Example of  medium & petite detailed cookies

Example of a

basic medium cookie

Example of an

extra large elaborate cookie